Private Swim Session


Do you only have one pace?

Are you struggling to progress?

A private swim analysis  is a great way to gain practical insight into your swim stroke and find the elusive speed your looking for.


Make a plan and find your speed.


Private Bike Session

Do you want to improve you cycling skills, handling and technique? 


Our Private Session will have you feeling confident and efficient on your bike.


This session is entirely personalised so you can get the best out of your cycling experience!

Swim Session Details

  • A one-hour 1:1 swim session with coach

  • Stroke analysis with underwater filming, video analysis and comments

  • Review email with session summary and recommendations

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Bike Session Details

  • A one-hour 1:1 bike session with  coach

  • Overview of cycling equipment and basic mechanics

  • Road safety skills and bunch riding etiquette

  • Bike handling techniques, including braking, cornering and climbing

  • Training principals and progressions for development

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Private Run Session

Running technique is easily neglected.  Many athletes have never looked at their form. 


Our run session will help build your form and technique so you can maximise your running economy and minimise your risk of injury. 

Run Session Details

  • A one-hour 1:1 run session with coach

  • Activation and strength exercises for performance and maintenance

  • Analysis of running technique, gait and posture

  • Overview of run principals and technical cues for endurance and efficiency

  • Review email with session recap and action plan

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